Many freeholders have bought freeholds as investments, fully aware of the value in leasehold interests. However, there are a number of freeholders who are not aware of the value of what they have or how to handle lease extension or collective enfranchisement claims. Either way, we can help with valuing your interests and advising you through the processes where required.

Why Should I Grant a Lease Extension or Sell my Freehold?

As you might already be aware legislation exists whereby leaseholders have rights to both lease extensions and buying the freehold, provided the relevant qualifications are met. If so, there is often little choice in whether to accept such claims (provided legal procedures are followed correctly), however, there can be different factors to consider which might result in a more positive financial result.

I wish to sell my freehold

By law the freehold must be offered to the leaseholders under the “Right of First Refusal” for which you should obtain a valuation of your interest to ensure your offer is at an appropriate level to bring about a successful sale.

If you have any questions about any of the above or wish to get the valuation advice you need, please do not hesitate to contact us. You might also find our FAQs section useful, and for further information we also strongly recommend the Lease Advisory Service website (see ‘Useful links’).